Chrome plating and Restoration services

Bringing your parts to our electroplating company for chrome plating is like taking them to a hospital!

They need treatment and a series of operations to restore them to their best condition again. Rest assured with us they will get the best care it is possible to give.

Here is the procedure of operations that will be carried out on your parts:

Booking in Process:

The parts are inspected, detailed drawings of them made, filed and a price quoted for carrying out the work.

Stripping Process:

The parts are cleaned and any rust removed by pickling them in acid.

Chrome/Nickel plated parts are then stripped in an electrolytic sulphuric acid stripping tank which strips them back to bare metal.

Polishing Process:

Now comes the most important part of the procedure. The polishing is carried out by highly skilled & experienced personnel.

All marks and imperfections are ground out by using a linishing machine and going through different grit coarsenesses of linishing belts until a smooth finish is obtained.

Afterwards the parts are polished with mops on a polishing machine until a mirror finish is obtained.

Only if the correct preparation is carried out prior, will the best results achieved with the plating process.

Plating Process:

All the parts which require it are TRIPLE Plated (Copper ,Nickel & Chrome)

  • Copper Plating is just a base layer that gives parts protection, but in addition it helps to hide any repairs and build up badly damaged and corroded parts that may otherwise be beyond repair. Its properties make it easy to polish to a high finish
  • Nickel Plating can be either a finish in itself or the base to chrome. Parts can be in this bath for anything up to two hours when necessary. This bath has to be continuously filtered and agitated to give the best results and is imperative that nothing can contaminate it in any way!
  • Chrome Plating is a very thin layer and provides excellent corrosion resistance.
Inspection & Wrapping:

Good cleaning and strict procedure is the key to a achieving the best plating results

After the plating procedure is carried out the parts are washed off in various water swills and finally in demineralised water then dried off in our oven.

When dry the parts are taken out, de-wired or de-jigged and then inspected, checked off against the drawings made of them when booked in and then wrapped up ad packed ready for despatch/collection.

The Chrome Plating & Metal Polishing service for Peterborough, Cambridgeshire & East Anglia!

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